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Single EL-34 Amp coments

Tony and Jack, I can not believe the amp. It exceeds my high expectations by considerable margin. It seems to exceed the 300b in transparency and neutral tamcharacter and power. I called several MI/recording industry people to hear it. You'd not believe the sound on Dream Maker LCS (current LCS four 5" and smaller vs. larger w/ two 8s you heard...tighter focus and better overall performance). It's so dense you can taste it. Telarc CD, John Pizzarelli, it's like being in the control room listening to a live mic feed. The bass is as powerful and transparent as I've heard. You guys undersell your amps. It's good in a way, but it's so foreign to the industry. Congratulations on designing my all time favorite amp. Jack outdid himself. I bet people would sleep in tents in front of Jack's house waiting for their amp if Art Dudley directly AB'd this amp vs. his Shindo amps, $10k and $15k. The EL34 client does not listen to large orchestral, and moderate levels. He's fine with the single tube. Tony, let me know when the CC appears. regards, Jim

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