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Special Use Transformers

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Special Use Transformers

PSA-2nPhase splitter auto former- single plate or cathode to P-P grids Nickel core (no dc through coil)$87.00
PSA-2DPhase splitter auto former-single plate or cathode to P-P grids High level M6 laminations (no dc through coil)$71.00
PVA-2nConstant load input transformer for OpAmps to standard Amplifier Input. 75 to 600 ohm to 10k terminated. Nickel core 1 to 8 voltage gain. Other step-up ratios are available.$87.00
PVA-2nsSame as above but with silver windings. Prices will change as silver costs change.Market Price
A2LD-7High level opamp driver interstage transformer. 20-30 ohm primary to 20k ohms grid load. Center tap for push-pull operation application.$104.00

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