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Push-Pull Output Transformers

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Push-pull output transformer

Push-Pull Output Transformers

  • Single secondary impedance models available, these usually have extended high frequency response. They are lower in cost.
  • All push-pull designs will exceed 20 to 20 kHz -1db bandwidth.
  • Power level up to 300 watts.
  • Silver wire windings available at current market prices.
  • We cannot replicate classic output transformers to exact specifications, only come close.
Information needed to order transformers:
  1. Power level
  2. Plate to Plate impedance
  3. Current through each primary
  4. Taps for ultra linear operation, if needed
  5. Secondary impedances

Note: DCR of windings is the result of the design and cannot be determined prior to building. Requesting a specific DCR will be ignored.

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