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Power Supply Chokes

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Choke for power supply filter

Chokes for Power Supply Filter

  • Chokes are based on the inductance needed for the current through it at 60 to 120 Hz. The models below are popular values but more accurate values can be custom wound for customer application.
  • Swinging choke designs for current movement type circuitry available.
  • Choke input types for mercury vapor rectifiers.
  • 20% tapped chokes.
Standard ModelsCurrent Range InductancePrice
5516500mA to 4A5 to 20mh$26.50

Information needed to order filter chokes:
  1. Current through choke (this will determine inductance).
  2. Voltage applied.
Note: DCR of winding is the result of the design and cannot be determined prior to building. Requesting a specific DCR will be ignored.

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