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Plate Chokes & Reactors

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Plate Chokes/Reactors

  • Audio chokes can be built to customers specifications, within reason. Available in open frame or vertical mount. Nickel trim for inductance enhancement available depending on lamination size. Low capacity plate-side winding.
  • Balanced or center tapped designs also.
  • The current through the reactor will determine the inductance needed at 25 Hz for 10k plate load. It is only a minimum value at 25 Hz. The reactance is much higher at higher frequencies therefore the plate choke is not a load, the next stage grid resistor is the load.
Standard ModelsApproximate InductanceCurrent Rating at 25HzPrice

Information needed to order Plate chokes:
  1. Current through choke (reactor)
Note: No winding DCR requests.

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