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Moving Coil and Low-Level Input Transformers

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Moving Coil and Low-Level Input Tranformers

  • Moving coil and low-level type transformers are very much alike. With the nickel core they can only be used in low level applications. The winding impedance on both primary and secondary can be varied for matching applications.
  • Silver wire windings are available at current market price.
  • We cannot design a step-up or step-down matching transformer in DB. Transformer design uses impedance and voltage to explain design need.
  • Shielding will be required in most cases with this type of low-level transformer. There are rules that must be adhered to before mounting them.
  • We can supply these shielded containers if requested at extra cost.
Primary Impedance RangeSecondary ImpedanceCore TypePrice
3-75 ohms20k to 50k OhmsNickel Moving coil$135.00
75-600 ohms10k to 50k OhmsNickel Input Step-Up$135.00
10k ohms10k to 50k OhmsNickel Hi Z Input$135.00
600 ohms600 OhmsNickel Line Isolation$135.00

Information needed for ordering the above types of transformers:
  1. Primary impedance
  2. Secondary impedance
  3. Voltage level applied
  4. Select one input and one output impedance (ie. 40 ohm to 20k ohm). Please note that the wider ratios will result in poor performance (ie. 3 ohm to 50k ohm will not work).

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