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Interstage Transformers

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Interstage transformer

Interstage Transformers

  • Interstage transformers can be made in different ratios, primary currents and voltage ratings.
  • All designs will exceed -1db 25Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Silver wire windings available at current market prices.
  • Bifilar low voltage, wide bandwidth designs.
Standard ModelsPrimary/sec ImpedancePrimary CurrentRatio UsePrice
36343k -7k to 3k-7k35ma.1:1 interstage$112.50
30333K-7k to 3k-7k70ma.1:1 interstage$196.00
35PPG3k-7k to PP grids35ma.1:1-1 phase inv.$134.00

Information needed to order interstage transformers:
  1. Primary impedance
  2. Primary current
  3. Secondary impedance
Note: No winding DCR requests.

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