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Custom Designs

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Custom component and circuit design

Custom Designs

  • Custom designed pre-amplifiers and power amplifier schematics
  • Custom built pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers
  • Prototyping

Custom built pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers can be built to fit your needs based upon our proven designs. We can design the unit and supply you with the schematic, we can design and breadboard the unit for you or we can build deliver the final product to you. Our ability to custom wind any type of audio and power transformer plus 30+ years experience with tube equipment, give us the capability to refine a design to meet your needs. Other producers may have to retrofit previously purchased components into updated designs resulting in over or under building that may add to costs and affect reliability. Custom built transformers optimized to new tube combinations can give unusually good results by minimizing parts count and having exact operating conditions, result in less modification of the original music source.

Custom design All sales are final for custom made products.

Each amplifier and line amp is supplied with its own set of specifications recorded from professional test equipment. We do not give you a sonic sales pitch.

Call 702-396-4909 or e-mail us at ElectAudio@cox.net to discuss all aspects of custom designs and applications, output power, bandwidth, distortion, input sensitivity and part configuration as well as new ideas. We can, and have, turned new ideas into reality.

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