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6BX7 PP Amplifier

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6BX7 PP  (current page indicator)
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6BX7 PP Amplifier

Here is a small amplifier using the fine Electra-Print PSA-2N phase splitter autoformer. It is good for 7 watts and will do excellent for biamping. You will find that the autoformer works very well and gives very nice sound. The Electra-Print output transformer has a very wide flat bandwidth. This is a great project for a beginner builder because there are no adjustments to be made.

6BX7PP Schematic

Transformer prices:

BX4P-6 Output$192.50Standard Copper
BX4P-6 Output PSSS$385.00Partial Silver Stranded Secondary
BXPWR Power M19$104.50Standard Laminations
BXPWR Power M6$131.00Cool Operation
PSA-2N Phase Splitter$60.50  
2929 Choke 3 Amp $37.50  

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