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2A3 DRD Audio Amplifier

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2A3DRD Tube Amp

Our 2A3 DRD audio tube amp is derived from the classic Loften-White design. Using a 2A3 tube the output will be over 3 watts, -1dB 18 Hz to over 20 kHz, less than 1% distortion and only needing 0.7 V input to give full output. No coupling devices (capacitors or transformers) are used to minimize the coloring the sound. Power supply has been changed to give a efficient tighter more stable power delivery.

Improvements include:

  • Replacement of hard to find oil cap with large value electrolytic which increases coupling at low frequencies
  • Simpler means to adjust the operating points of both tubes
  • A means to measure current of output tube
  • Increased input sensitivity by 100%
  • Rectifier tubes eliminated, diodes giving increased tighter bass because of no forward voltage drop
  • Heat protection devices have been added where needed to safeguard Schottky diodes

2A3DR amplifier

2A3DR power supply

Parts we can supply:

TransformerPart NumberCost EachDescription
Fill Choke2.5A$26.50Standard
OutputSE3K65CU$137.50Copper Single Secondary
OutputSE3K65PSS$407.00PS Single Secondary

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